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If Mind Were Earth


then Geology composes a eulogy

for each life it takes.

Memories compressed by rock to fossil,

pulverize to ash. Recorded is the

scream's resonance as death's wave

scours over it.  Ashes remember,

their imprint on atoms, as they

recount the history of life

attempting to defy its own end.  She learns


these principles of Geology. If Mind were Earth,

earthquakes would have shattered the mind's

will to sustain motion, by now.  For her,

life has been a constant struggle

to keep the stratum of convention intact;

repress the magmum of fear that

threatens always to surge up through the fissures.


Islands of plates press their earthly blades

Into all that once consisted of streams,

Or had the ability to exist amidst motion.

She asks: Against pressures of space, how

can an ecosystem so fragile endure,

without seeing the somatic thread of

its own vulnerability, staring back?

Cavernous fields of nothing, her neural pathways

Stand damp in sorrow. She touches their walls,


and she recoils at the coldness. There begins

a fracture of thought constellation - 

the topsoil of memories eroding. All consuming

is the pivot away from ending.  All consuming

is the flesh, whose mystery supplants

the source of all thought; energy;    


It brought her here.  Plummeted into the gorge

of reality's lair.  And, how does Earth stay intact,

dependent as it is upon the frail balance of

centrifugal force?  For her, no explanations suffice. 

In their absence starts a fall from rotation. Where

all settles to eerie, where motion calms to quiet.

Life distills; magma dulling to 


mere gray matter.  Could the Mind be

as indifferent as nature - a pressurized movement

born of chaos, without purpose,

without mercy?  If Earth were Mind, neurons

would recount the history of life- eons of time, of movement

attempting to defy its own end.